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The Military Aviation Museum has received three new WWI replica aircraft!  An S.E.5a, Sopwith Triplane and another Fokker Dr.I!
The S.E.5a is almost an exact replica of an original and is powered by an original Hispano-Suiza engine.
The Sopwith Triplane currently has a Lycoming 4-cyl. but that is to be changed in the future...
The new Dr.I is was built in Brazil and is powered by a Le Rhone rotary engine.

Thing are looking good for the WWI airshow in October! :D
Calling all de Havilland fans!

I have decided to expand my group: dh-mosquito-fan-club to include any and all de Havilland aircraft including the company's subsidiary de Havilland Canada.  Hopefully this will make the group a little more open and active.  Whether you have artwork to contribute or just want to follow the group, I'd love for you to join.

200 followers and nearly 20,000 pageviews!!!
Just a quick journal to say thank you to all my followers who have favorited and commented on my work.

I've been messing around with a neat app on my phone called Prisma.  Essentially just filters you can put on photos that can lead to some very interesting edits.  My only complaints are that the photos are automatically cropped to squares and the large Prisma watermark at the bottom of the edited photo.  I'll post a few up here just for something a little different than my usual style of photography.  Let me know what you think :)

As I logged on DA earlier today I was surprised to see an overwhelming amount of messages.  As it turns out, my image, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, has been featured as a Daily Deviation!  I am honored to have one of my photos feature by the site.  The free publicity isn't bad either :D  Thank you to everyone who has liked, commented, and watched my page!

I have just started my first group which is dedicated to the de Havilland Mosquito.  This aircraft is very special to me as I live only 20 minutes away from what was the world's only flying example, KA114.  Recently however, another has flown in Canada, but is sadly now a hangar queen.  Very soon yet another will be flown for the first time in New Zealand.  This new one, TV595, will be owned by Paul Allen's Fighter Heritage Collection in Seattle.  Hopefully any DA artists near there will share some photos of it with us.

Please feel free to join the group and contribute if you have anything Mossie related!

Once again I will be attending the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Airshow!  This will be my 3rd time making the two-day drive to Wisconsin.  Although it is a week-long event, I will only be at the show for two days, July 26-27.  Nevertheless, both days should be amazing.

Highlights include the Martin Mars water bomber, A-20 Havoc, C-46 Commando, 7 Spartan Executives, the Canadian Snowbirds display team, Lockheed U-2, NASA Super Guppy, B-29 Fifi, L-bird 75th anniversary, Aeroshell and Geico Texans, and hundreds more!
Here's a great podcast interview with Rick Volker, the pilot of the Bf-109 for the Warbirds Over the Beach airshow.  Definitely worth listening to.…
Getting better and better each year!  Just a few of the highlights of this years show are:
de Havilland Mosquito
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G4 (public debut)
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Douglas C-47 "Whiskey 7" preforming paratrooper reenactment 
Focke-Wulf Fw-190
P-51 Mustang "Red Nose"
Junkers Ju-52
Fairchild F-24
Operational Flak 88 gun reenactment
Nearly completed authentic control tower from RAF Goxhill
Authentic German WWII hangar from Cottbus, Germany
and many others.

I'll be volunteering during the show again this year so I'll hopefully be assigned flight line security like last year and get up close to all the action once again!
Figured I'd take some time during the off-season with no airshows to actually learn how to properly use my camera.  Let's hope I figure out how to do it right!  And now to completely mess up my settings and forget how to change them back :D:D:D
The original Air Force One was a Lockheed Constellation named the Columbine II that was used by President Eisenhower.  It has recently been made airworthy and will make the flight across the US from Arizona to Virginia this week.   It will arrive at it's new home in Bridgewater, Virginia this week and be completely restored to its original condition.  Afterwards it will become part of the US airshow circuit.

Seeing that Bridgewater is only a few hours away from me, I might just go see it while they're finishing the restoration.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to but I'm just saying that I now have that opportunity :D
This weekend is the annual Warbirds Over the Beach airshow.  All planes that can fly will fly.  There will also be some surprises in store... :D  This is the first year I am actually volunteering to work at the show so it should be very interesting and very fun.  Saturday I am volunteering all day and Sunday I am going to spectate with some friends.  They have me as security in the WWI hangar until flight ops. begin.  Then I shall be flight line security and I will most certainly have one of the best seats in the house.  Should be a great show with great weather.

Their Bf-109 will undergo flight testing soon. However, whether it is shipped to the US in time for the airshow is unlikely.
Their Fiat G.59 (2 seat trainer) restoration in Germany is underway and it will be converted into a G.55 (1 seat fighter)
The de Havilland Dragon Rapide restoration is making slow but steady progress.
Their WWI replica fleet will grow significantly this year. Rumors of new additions include an Se.5a, Avro 504, Nieuport 24 with a rotary engine, a newly repainted Werner Voss Dr.1, and a Moraine Saulnier A-1…
The Flugwerk Fw-190 will gradually be repainted to represent Leutnant Rudi Piffer…
Kawasaki Ki-64 Tony project is being worked on in Australia.
The Bell P-39 project has been moved to New Zealand to complete restoration to flight worthy status.…
A Vought Kingfisher has restoration has also been started in New Zealand
I haven't written a journal entry in forever!  It's just a brief update of anything new at the Military Aviation Museum.

Their Bf-109 has had it first engine test over in Germany: [link]
Work is also in progress on the Fiat G.55/59 in Germany as well.
The de Havilland Dragon Rapide that was sold off last year has been replaced with another which will be painted almost identically.
Their WWI replica fleet will grow significantly this year with additions such as an Se.5a, Avro 504, Nieuport 24 with a rotary engine, and  a newly repainted Werner Voss Dr.1.  Their Sopwith Strutter has also been repainted.
Their Piper Cub has been repainted in USN colours to represent 'Glimpy', a Cub that was used as a parasite plane for a Navy blimp.
Their new Fw-190 will be repainted to represent Leutnant Rudi Piffer…

That's about it for now.  Photos on all of the above will be posted when I see them flying or in the hangars.
After the selling off 11 of the Museum's aircraft, the Military Aviation Museum has added 7 more aircraft in their collection!  A 1916 Curtiss Jenny, PT-19 Cornell, FW-190 A8, Mig-3, and a Lavochkin La-9 have been moved into the hangars.  A Piper J-3 Cub, Se.5a replica, another Dragon Rapide, and a Grunau Baby Glider are being put together in the Fighter Factory hangar.  Also, the Bf-109 G4 restoration project has started back up again and is now a top priority at MeierMotors in Germany.
Aircraft Sold:
Boeing B-17G and FW-190 A-8 sold to tillamook Air Museum, Oregon.
De Havilland Dragon Rapide sold to Rod Lewis in San Antonio, Texas.
Fieseler Storch sold to a buyer in Minnesota.
Ryan PT-22 sold to buyer in Florida.
Hawker Fury airframe and engine split up and sold to two different locations.
Sopwith Camel, Fokker DR.1 (blue), Fokker D.VII (Black), SNJ-4, and Avro 504K all going to Russia.

Just got back from New York.  I'll be putting up many photos of Old Rhinebeck over the next week or so.  It's a really cool place but it's a little run down.  Most of their collection is stored away in hangars rotting away :'(
It seems as though Jerry Yagen's collection is being sold off.  Their B-17 and their FW-190 have been sold to Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon.  The plan is to keep the museum up and running for as long as possible.  Maintaining 70+ aircraft is ridiculously expensive so they plane to sell off the most expensive ones they have.  They plan to stay open for the foreseeable future and only sell the more expensive aircraft like the B-17.  Having to overhaul 4 radials every season isn't cheap.  Nevertheless, the bulk of their collection is to stay put.
Their WWI "Biplanes and Triplanes" airshow is now going to be a bi-annual event for budget issues.  It was originally intended to be a bi-annual event but they did it 3-years in a row just to see if it would catch on and if it was worth it.  I'll keep this updated if more news surfaces.